Oliver Sukrow

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? My research project centers on the role of Austrian and Californian spa towns in the 19th century as regional innovation systems. It may be surprising, but spa towns were centers of economic, social, cultural, and scientific transformations – just like big cities and urban [...]

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Nancy Wingfield

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? Vienna was an early Cold War site. Almost from the moment that Red Army troops liberated the city in April 1945, there was tension among the occupying powers. The mechanism for allied control and an agreement on occupation zones and administration of the Austrian [...]

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Mark Weiner

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? I'm creating a series of documentary videos and podcasts that will examine the Austrian mountain rescue service from the perspective of social and political philosophy. I'll compare and contrast the Bergrettung with its sister services in the United States to understand how they embody [...]

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James Morrow

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? My research documents how immigrants from Habsburg Austria influenced the development of two Colorado towns, Crested Butte and Aspen. Most studies of Austrian and Central European immigrants focus on urban industrial communities. Yet very little is known about alpine towns, such as Crested Butte, [...]

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David Miller

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? I'm writing about Hans and Rosaleen Moldenhauer, a couple from Spokane, WA (he an émigré from Germany, she a Spokane native) who rather improbably acquired fame and fortune over the course of 1960s and 70s by collecting the music manuscripts of Austrian modernist composer [...]

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Michael Haas

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? My project is a documentary that tells the story of Karol Rathaus, a prominent composer of concert and film music, who was forced into exile from Nazi Germany and fought for his creative survival in the atmosphere of cultural and political hostility. Rathaus’ life [...]

Michael Haas2021-09-22T13:12:11+00:00

Oskar Czendze

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? My dissertation project is a transnational history of the American migration experiences of Jews from the Habsburg province of Galicia between the 1890s and 1930s. Specifically, I will examine the transformation of Galicia from a real, geographic space in which the Jewish immigrants once [...]

Oskar Czendze2021-09-22T13:12:11+00:00

Samuel Albert

What is your BIAAS-supported project about? My project focuses on Austro-Hungarian, Austrian, and Hungarian art displays at Fairs and Exhibition in the early part of the 20th Century.  By examining what was displayed, how it was presented, and why that changed with the dissolution of the Empire, I will illuminate [...]

Samuel Albert2021-09-22T13:12:11+00:00
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