Thomas König

BIAAS granted $12,500 to Thomas König in order to research the Austrian American cultural relations during the Cold War through the exchange of Fulbright fellows. The grant covered travel to Vienna and Washington D.C. and was also used to support travel to various conferences to present the research. The project culminated in the publication of a book, Die Frühgeschichte des Fulbright Program in Österreich Transatlantische (The Early History of the Fulbright Program in Austria Transatlantic), and two journal articles in 2013 for the Austrian Journal of Political Science. Furthermore, König prepared two additional articles for peer review as well as a paper for a presentation at “Graz Spring School on Sociology and History of the Social and Cultural Sciences.”

Thomas König earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Vienna in 2008 and has written numerous books and articles. He has served as a senior researcher at the Vienna Institute for Advanced Studies and as a managing editor of the Austrian Journal of Political Science.