Elizabeth Danto

BIAAS granted $4,000 to Elizabeth Danto to fund a research trip to Vienna in order to study Josef Friedjung’s work with child welfare. The grant allowed for travel to Vienna in order to examine documents in the Verein für Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung (Society for the History of Workers Movements) and the Josefinum Library on the History of Medicine. Through this project, Danto also able to search Austrian Archive for Adult Education’s otherwise restricted databases. The project culminated in the writing and publication of an article entitled “’The Environment as a Cause of Disease in Children’ – Josef Friedjung’s Transnational Influence on Modern Child Welfare Theory,” in Child Welfare Vol. 92, No. 1 Jan./Feb. 2013.

Elizabeth Danto earned her Ph.D. from New York University in social work in 1996 and has served as a tenured professor at Hunter College, with much of her writings centered on Freud and social work education.