Tamara Ehs

BIAAS awarded $3,876 to Tamara Ehs in order to conduct research on the political and legal discussions between Felix Frankfurter, a Supreme Court Justice, and Hans Kelsen, a legal philosopher. The project focused on archival work at the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court Historical Society in Washington D.C. as well as Harvard Law School Library and the Hans Kelsen Institute in Vienna. The project was delayed because of the temporary closure of the Law School Library; however, Ehs was able to complete her research by 2012. Through the use of the research Ehs was able write an essay published in the Journal of Comparative Public Law and International Law entitled “Felix Frankfurter and Hans Kelsen: A Revolution by Lawyers.” Furthermore Ehs produced an essay entitled Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit (Constitutional Jurisdiction), which was published in the edited volume Politik & Recht. Spannungsfelder der Gesellschaft as well as an entry on Hans Kelsen for Transatlantic Perspectives.

Tamara Ehs received her Ph.D. in Political Sscience from the University of Vienna and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst. She has also served as a lecturer at the University of Vienna and has written extensively on Hans Kelsen and his role in political science.