Catherine B. Penaloza Patzak

BIAAS issued a grant for $5,124 to Catherine B. Penaloza Patzak in order to conduct archival research on the development, operation, and activities of the Emergency Society for German & Austrian Science and Art. The project involved research trips to New York City to visit the American Museum of Natural History and to Philadelphia to visit the American Philosophical Society. The project costs covered travel and accommodation for three weeks as well as research materials. While the original goal of the project was for the publication of an article in a scholarly journal, the project expanded to be the central part of Patzak’s dissertation, Instituting Anthropology: The Circulation of Scientists and Ethnographic Materials Between North America, Germany and Austria, 1883-1933, which is to be finished in Oct 2018.

Catherine B. Penaloza Patzak is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Vienna and also serves as an editor and translator for Penaloza Patzak &. So.