Michelle Duncan

BIAAS awarded a grant to Michelle Duncan for $10,376 to study the intercultural exchange and reception of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show at the Vienna Prater in 1890. The project involves a three month research trip to Vienna to the Austrian National Library and the Stadt und Landesarchiv in order to find newspaper and journals that discuss the Wild West Shows. Furthermore, Duncan planned for a week-long to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation to meet with a decedent of Standing Bear, a performer in the Shows who married a Viennese women, in order to gain access to primary materials about his family. The project will result in a journal article and a section in a book on Viennese spectacles, transnationalism, and intercultural exchange.

Michelle Duncan received her Ph.D. in German Studies from Cornell University in 2013 and recently spent the year a as Fulbright- Freud Visiting Scholar of Psychoanalysis at the Freud Museum in Vienna.