The Center at Camden County College

The Center at Camden County College will be offering a five-part speaker series focusing on the influential Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud.  The series will span from his prolific activities in Austria during the last century to his enormous impact on current culture, science, and the field of psychology in the United States.  Audiences will gain an understanding of Austrian and US culture and life during the earlier part of the 20th century; and they will be able to broaden their knowledge of Freud’s heritage and life and the continued influence of his pioneering work in the field of psychoanalysis.

The Center at Camden County College offers academic lectures, courses, and other presentations to the community in and around Camden County, New Jersey, and the region. The grant proposal was submitted by Ines Meier, Ph.D., who is a Lecturer in the Departments of Psychology and Childhood Studies at Rutgers University and an Associate of The Center.