Roman Hutter

Roman Hutter received a BIAAS fellowship to examine ways Western and Eastern European cultural institutions exerted influence on the Romanian-German writer Oskar Pastior during the Cold War.The special fascination that Pastior presents for scholarly inquiry arises from the fact that his case intertwines Austrian cultural claims going back to the days of the Habsburg Empire and the cultural polities of the United States during the Cold War. Romanian-German writes have usually been placed in a specifically German context. Hutter’s research will examine the Romanian-German writer in an Austrian-American context to shed new light on the relationship between the two countries regarding their cultural-political interests in East Central Europe.

Roman Hutter received his Bachelor’s degree in History and his Master’s degrees in Eastern European History at the University of Vienna, where he currently is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Contemporary History. He has served as a researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Theory of Biography in Vienna and a Marietta-Blau Scholar at the University of Michigan.