David H. Miller

David H. Miller received a $2,250 BIAAS grant to conduct research in the state of Washington for his monograph project “Musical Modernisms, Manuscripts, and Mountains, from the Austrian Alps to the North Cascades.” This project is centered around Hans and Rosaleen Moldenhauer, musicologists and music manuscript collectors from Spokane, WA who played key roles in shaping the circulation of music by Austrian modernist composers such as Anton Webern and Ernst Krenek during the second half of the twentieth century. The resulting book will juxtapose the Moldenhauers’ daily lives and work with their encounters with many of the most influential figures in twentieth-century classical music.

David H. Miller recently completed a Ph.D. in musicology at Cornell University. He currently serves as Program Publications Associate of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and in fall 2021 he will take up the position of Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of California, Berkeley.