Database of Funded Projects

The Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies has generously funded academic research and public history projects that promote an understanding of the historic relationship between the United States and Austria. The following search tools make it possible to explore these projects and to learn more about the scholars and organizations who have received BIAAS grants and fellowships.


Max Ehrenfreund

Topics: History
Products: Article, Book, Dissertation

Ehrenfreund's dissertation is a study of the socialist calculation debate, an intellectual exchange among interwar economists, journalists, and politicians who sought an economic theory for a socialist society. Using archival sources, Ehrenfreund presents a new interpretation of this debate in the context of contemporary shifts in the cultural meanings of calculation and the political valences of mathematics in Austria and the United States. With the Botstiber Institute's support, Ehrenfreund will travel to archives in Michigan [...]


Allison Schmidt

Topics: History, Migration
Products: Article, Book

Dr. Allison Schmidt has received a $15,000 research grant for her project "Emigration Routes from Austria-Hungary," a focus on emigrant journeys to the United States in the late-nineteenth, early-twentieth century. Archival research in Austrian and Czech Archives will contribute to an article on the subject and a book on state surveillance of the transmigrants in Germany. Allison Schmidt received her PhD from the University of Kansas and currently serves as a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania.


Thomas R. Schmidt

Topics: History
Products: Article, Book

This research explores the influence of American journalistic norms, routines and practices on Austrian journalism between 1945 and the 1990s. Archival research and oral history interviews will document how Austrian journalists experienced different phases of American influence beginning with training by American government officials between 1945 and 1955 to the adoption of American news formats such as investigative, narrative, and alternative journalism. Illuminating how U.S. influence on Austrian journalism was embraced, resisted and negotiated by various reporters, editors and publishers will not only document the institutional evolution of Austrian journalism but will also shed light on the cultural history of transatlantic relations between Austria and the U.S.


Rachel E. Scott

Topics: History, Music
Products: Article

Rachel E. Scott received a BIAAS grant to conduct research on Austrian music festivals held under American occupation. The project will explore the tensions between American and Austrian identity that were performed on musical stages during this period and provide insight into the relationship between Austria and the United States as both countries made strategic use of music festivals to achieve mutually beneficial goals. The grant will enable archival research at the National Archives in [...]


Samuel Albert

Topics: Art, Culture, History, Painting
Products: Article, Book, Digital Project

Dr. Samuel David Albert received a $11,432 BIAAS grant for his project, "Bound but Unjoined: Austrian, Hungarian, and Austro-Hungarian Art Exhibits."  Dr. Albert’s project is a documentation and investigation of Austro-Hungarian, Austrian, and Hungarian international art exhibitions in the first four decades of the 20th century, which will explore the interrelationship between nationalism and artistic modernity as reflecting a strategy of national (and nationalist) representation. The grant will enable archival research in Vienna and Budapest, [...]


James Morrow

Topics: Art, Culture, History, Photography
Products: Article, Book, Exhibit, Journal/Magazine

Jim Morrow received a $5,000 BIAAS grant for the project “Designing the American Salzburg: Habsburg Austrian Culture in Colorado Mountain Communities,” which will examine how Habsburg Austrians who settled in Colorado used architecture and design to create a sense of togetherness. The proposed research has two objectives. The first will document how Habsburg Austrian emigres in two Colorado towns, Crested Butte and Aspen, influenced the development of American alpine culture. The second will give detail [...]


Oliver Sukrow – Alternative Spaces of Innovation. A Comparative Study of 19th-Century Spa Towns as Regional Innovation Clusters

Topics: Architecture, Art, Culture, History, Science
Products: Article, Book, Conference Presentation

  Dr. Oliver Sukrow received a $21,118 BIAAS grant for his research project “Alternative Spaces of Innovation. A Comparative Study of 19th-Century Spa Towns as Regional Innovation Clusters.” His interdisciplinary project aims from a historical-comparative perspective at exploring how 19th-century spa towns in Austria and California became regional innovation clusters. This project argues that innovation in 19th-century Austria and California also occurred in ‘alternative’ spaces such as spa towns. He is particularly interested in exploring [...]